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Hi everyone! Today Teacher Aiko from Fresh Talk Vietnam shall instruct you to learn how to say I love you in different ways or how to express your love with someone. There is no person in this world that doesn’t want to feel loved so let’s jump to 10 ways on How to say I love you.

1.The classic way is to say I love you. It is simple and sweet, and you can say I love you too back to that someone that you really like remember that we can also say this in our friends and family members.

  1. I’m in love with you. A bit more intense than the simple saying “I’m in love with you” can only be said in a romantic way so do not mistakenly say this to your great aunt.
  2. You’re the love of my life. This is a serious declaration so only say this if you are really sure that it’s true telling someone you’re the love of my life implies that you are really wanting to be with them forever and there will never be anyone else.
  3. I will always love you- A song sung by Whitney Houston
  4. I am crazy about you a modern way to say i love you it does not always mean i love you it could just be that you really like someone
  5. I’m head over heels for you i’m totally and utterly in love with you and i can’t think about anything or anyone else
  6. You’re my other half this is sweet way to tell someone you love them so much that you complete them. British often use this phrase my other half when they’re referring to their husband or wife.
  7. I can’t help falling in love with you. Another song which was performed by Elvis Presley it’s about falling in love with someone quickly, so this is a good line to use when you haven’t known someone that long, but you know you really love.
  8. You are my sunshine a very sweet way to say i love you is by saying that special someone you are my sunshine.
  9. I have a crush on you have a feeling of romantic love for someone that you don’t know well you can use this.

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