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Hey guys for today’s video, we are going to talk about the top 3 phrasal verbs.

1/: SPEAK UP: I’m in the classroom and my student is reciting but I can’t hear what the student is trying to say. So I would say. “Could you SPEAK UP a little please? I cannot hear you”. Okay, it’s one way of saying “SPEAK LOUDER” politely. Next.

We have a second use of SPEAK UP: as a way of expressing an opinion about something, may it be for justice or for telling the truth.

2/ CLEAN UP: an act of cleaning a specific spot or an area/ as a way of fixing or to fix an issue/problem caused in a situation.

3/ FILL UP. “We need to fill up our tank on our next stop”. “You need to FILL-UP the form before you submit it at the office The meaning is: completely fill up something or to Fill up something at a maximum level

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